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About INDIGO® weel

Who we are

Paul comes from Mexico but has been living in Europe for 15 years, Jean is French but has just returned a few years ago from Sao Paulo, Samuel is from Normandy but he’s back from Montreal, Aymeric is a true Parisian and has always lived…in Paris, but he knows France and Europe like the back of his hand.

All four of them have been engineering manager’s at Indigo for several years and they all share a real passion for new technology and the latest trends in urban mobility. They are greatly interested in the possibilities that breakthroughs in reinventing mobility can provide and put theirs and Indigo’s knowledge of digital technology to great use to launch services that improve city users’ daily lives.

Our idea of mobility

When their company gave them free rein to come up with a project to make getting around town simpler and easier every day, ‘free floating’ was an obvious choice. As they were convinced that this was the future of individual mobility, they went on a world innovation tour for inspiration with the goal of bringing back the best they came across.

This is how INDIGO® weel was born, with this common vision, aspiration and ambition to offer shared mobility services in many cities around the world which anyone can use.

A brief outline of our service

INDIGO® weel is a bike sharing service with no stations – ‘free floating’ – which aims to make it easier and nicer for you to get about day to day.
It is healthy, economic, ecological and ultra-simple for users.
For cities, it is a complementary offer to existing mobility networks. It is flexible and most importantly very economical.

How does it work?

  1. Download the INDIGO® weel app and create an account
  2. Geolocate your bike
  3. Unlock it with your phone and start pedaling to your destination!
  4. Once you get there, just lock your bike in a designated space within the covered area and end your rental on the app.

All of this for just £0.50 including VAT*. Join the weelers’ community!

Discover our team of weelers


Our first weeler is Paul – one those ultra-connected people who is always up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Engaging and passionate. He started his career on construction sites in Europe before joining Indigo in London as a Development Manager. A few years later, he moved to Paris to develop major infrastructure projects in concessions around the world. In 2012, he became director of Indigo’s international business and then started dealing with countries in the emerging mobility markets such as Brazil, Colombia, Panama or Russia, after which he became fascinated with China. Having been inspired by what he discovered and experienced around the world, he went on to invent INDIGO® weel in 2017 with his team. Between trips and appointments at the town hall, it’s important for paul to enjoy family bike rides on the banks of the Seine and ride any kind of scooters. His children have also become electric mobility experts and some products whose names we won’t mention have not survived their tests. Originally from Mexico, he not only speaks French, but English, Portuguese and Spanish as well. So, if you see him, chances are you’ll speak the same language as him.


In between trips from Sao Paulo to Paris, it was Jean who had to explain to Paul that we may not be able to complete all his projects as fast as he wanted. He is responsible for making sure the work is done well. He is a true expert in individual and mass transport and has worked on Bogota’s connected highways as well as the Mexico City Metro. He’s been to Sao Paulo, Madrid, Fort de France, Atlanta and many other inspiring places. He is diplomatic, brings people together and knows how to have the best people around him to lead this mobility digital transformation. Jet lag never gets the better of him and it’s not always easy to know what country he’s in: he messages people any time of day or night making some wonder how he’s able to manage his sleep so well . He’s in charge of getting the best people to help grow INDIGO® weel and always says “If our boss is Mexican, we are not a Mexican army! INDIGO® weel is an adventure for committed and business-minded people who are ready to get into start-up mode!”. We are a curious and a determined team which you may find your place in. Discover our offers here: (LinkedIn link)


Aymeric is the go-to guy for anything to do with car rental and mobility. Before joining Indigo, he worked at Avis Budget and some people think that this is perhaps why he has an opinion on everything and often talks about the budget. Either way, he rides, tests and analyses any new object that has wheels. Whether it’s a bike, a unicyle, a scooter or an electric car, he’s a real specialist and makes it his business to ensure that they all work properly; if they are safe, are easy to use etc. At INDIGO® weel, it’s his job to find the best partners and manufacturers, spend time in each city and to understand how people live, how they go about their daily lives and what they need to help them get around easier.


Between two good jokes pronounced with his Quebecois-Normandy accent, Samuel always gets to where he’s going. He’s always at the helm of operations and it’s up to him to make sure bikes are where they need to be, when they need to be, with whom they need to be, such as the teams of each city we’re in. This former from Indigo Canada spends most of his time tracking orders, organising bicycle assembly, setting out how things should be done as well as finding the best mechanics. He is always ready for a launch, stays philosophical and knows how to move up a gear when you need him to. He often quotes the famous Turkish proverb, “A bicycle’s back wheel will go where the front wheel has gone”.


*Rates and conditions available on the INDIGO weel application
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