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About INDIGO® weel

Who we are ?

INDIGO® weel, The application of shared and clean mobility services . One year after its launch, INDIGO® weel accelerates its diversification strategy and is rapidly positioning itself as a French multimodal mobility platform that combines on a single application:

  • Bicycles: a new generation of stronger bikes and their electric version
  • will be deployed by 2019,

  • electric scooters: in two or three wheel version since October 12th
    last in Toulouse,
  • electric cars: available during the second half of 2019.

Our idea of ​​mobility

Our ambition is to offer all cities and townspeople, a range of shared mobility solutions, all on one and the same application:
– for short and long distances,
– roads with low or steep gradient,
– for any type of movement (door to door, loop, long life …)

Services that are usable in all circumstances: rain or shine, whether you are alone or with others, whether you are in a hurry or not …

Our application is possible to deploy:

  • big town by private initiative,
  • in middle size cities through public markets ,
  • in industrial zones for companies looking for mobility solutions for their employees.

In 2019, Indigo® weel will be one of the only players to offer all its partner cities, a reference application, enriched with several complementary modes of transport and which therefore meets all the needs of city travel as a sustainable alternative to the individual car!

Our service in a nutshell

INDIGO® weel, is a service of shared bikes and scooters shared without a station – in “free floating” – which aims to revolutionize the way you plan your daily trips!
Economic and healthy, our services also aim to support a green economy, eco-responsible and concerned about a more humane and breathable city.
For cities, it is a complementary offer to existing mobility networks, flexible and much cheaper than in the past.

How it works ?

  1. I download the app INDIGO® weel and I create my account
  2. I use the GPS to find the vehicle I want
  3. I unlock and let’s go !
  4. Once arrive, I close the lock in an appropriate bike or scooter parking and I take a picture to close my rent.

All for 0.50€TTC* only (bike price). Let join our weelers community !

Weelers Team



*Conditions and rate on the app INDIGO weel
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